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New universal model

Our enterprise is glad to bring to your attention new model of high boots man's and female art. 31(СЕ)350, 32(СЕ)350 and 31(СЕ)350М, 32(СЕ)350М (with a cuff) under the trade mark "Kozyr".

Our experts worked on working out of new universal model. It should combine in herself preferences of consumers and to be accessible under the price to the average buyer. Universality of a product consists in a wide spectrum of appointment of use. It is reached thanking several components of technological process:

Boots are made by a injection molding method that provides to a monolithic product without a uniform seam absolute protection against leakings;

Made foam polymer EVA of which boots are made possesses glad necessary properties: 

- Very easy - the weight of one pair footwear makes approximately 600 gramme; 

- Low heat conductivity - thanks to it in footwear well remains warmly;

- It is cold-resistant and water-proof. 

- Polymer does not absorb a moisture and smells, it is good to be cleaned, is hypoallergenic and ecologically safe material for health. 

- The made foam structure of a material at walking "will amortise" foot that gives comfortable sensation.

Aesthetic appearance and the facilitated ergonomic form of a product with convenient capacious boottree and a top fitting a foot complete technological features of the given model of boots.

This model approaches for daily operation rainy day, is good protective footwear from industrial pollution, perfectly approaches for productive leisure, for fishing and hunting. If to warm boots a plug-in stocking from artificial fur, they can be maintained at a frost-15.

The new model becomes your Trump ''Kozyr" under any weather conditions!

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The assortment of our footwear became more

Now our wholesale buyers can fill up too the assortment with beautiful, easy and convenient slippers of manufacture "Plasttrade". Available there are new models of slippers from EVA:

- Man's "Optima" and "Active" with 40 till 47 size in black and dark blue colour;

- Wide colour scale of female slippers "Vita" and "Aqua" with 35 till 41 size;

- Children's slippers of "Cockleshell" with 25 till 35 size of different colours;

- A sabot garden "Garden" with a heater and without in a man's and female scale with 35 till 45 size.

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Exhibition "Hunting and Fishery in Russia"

Our company is the constant participant of the International specialised exhibition "Hunting and Fishery in Russia" which to be spent two times a year in the beginning of October and in the end of February. The exhibition to be to the address - Moscow, ВВЦ (the All-Russia exhibition centre) pavilion 75.
At the stand of our company you can familiarise with assortment of our production and to receive competent consultation on production and conditions of cooperation at our representatives.
We invite to visit our stand. 

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