The company Plasttrade was founded in 1999.

We started as the small production company, which was engaged in production, wholesale and retail trade of footwear from PVC.

Now Plasttrade is the largest Belarusian producer specializing in release of waterproof clothes and footwear. Leader of Republic of Belarus’ market in the field of PVC and EVA waterproof footwear.

Plasttrade is focused on three main field of the market and produces products under four trademarks: FortMen, Ogorod, Zaviruha and Plasttrade


СООО «Пласттрейд»
ул. Шафарнянская 11 (Бизнес-центр "ПОРТ") оф.212 220125 Беларусь, Минск
+375 (44) 712-71-09 +375 (33) 661-86-00 +375 (17) 286-36-21 info@plasttrade.com