Рисунок1.jpg Export delivery is carried out on conditions (Incoterms-2010)
- EXW Minsk;
- FCA Minsk;
From warehouse: Minsk, Osnovateley St. 25.

Delivery to the Russian Federation is carried out by own transport in compliance with the schedule of deliveries to Moscow,
or to the specified transport company in Moscow 
(the minimum volume of the order is from 15 boxes) 

СООО «Пласттрейд»
ул. Шафарнянская 11 (Бизнес-центр "ПОРТ") оф.212 220125 Беларусь, Минск
+375 (44) 712-71-09 +375 (33) 661-86-00 +375 (17) 286-36-21